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random nico post of the day, for eroge fans:

Sorairo delayed

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Not that I wasn't expecting this, but I got an e-mail from amazon.co.jp saying that my order was going to be delayed. According to the NNS official website the new release date is 8/28, or a one month delay.

AX 2009

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This weekend I went to AX for about two days - I was mostly just browsing the exhibitors hall. I did drop by the mangagamers booth and got signboards from the artists there (Kayura Yuka did Otome from DC2 and the artist from Overdrive (didn't catch his name) did a sketch of Kirari) and I heard they held a mini-live on Saturday although I didn't go that day. I also hung out a bit at the Hendane booth (immediately obvious from the guy yelling Yaoooeeee all day) as I happen to be acquaintances with one of the workers there. Other than that, I picked up a copy of BlazBlue for X360 - looks like Aksys didn't bother region protectioning it so I can play it on my Japanese 360. Kind of a low key AX this year - wasn't too keen on most of the guests of honor or the events, and they cheaped out on the main events stage - supposedly the LACC jacked up the rental prices for the Kodak Theater by more than 3 times. Maybe it's just me getting jaded but I seemed to enjoy AX a lot more when it was a much smaller con.





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