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shmups replays

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I added a page linking to my shmups replays, mostly from Niconico douga. Just as an aside, I generally prefer the term STG or shooter, but as people typically tend to assume you're talking about first person shooters, I think "shmups" is a bit less ambiguous.

ayashii gamesubs

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I created a quickie page for projects under the ayashii gamesubs label. If there's any news regarding those projects I'll post about it here on the main blog site.

Sorairo trial version

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Apparently the new nekonekosoft trial version "Sorairo" is available for download. I usually download from Multi Inside but you could use any of the other mirrors. I thought nns was dead for a while, w/ some of the staff members on the cottonsoft project, but I guess there's a revival going on right now. Of course I was a nns fan since their earlier works, e.g. Giniro and Mizuiro... really long time ago. Comrade gp32 also spoke quite a bit with their head scenario writer, tomo-san. Unfortunately due to work both me and gp32 aren't doing much otaku-related activities, but at least I setup this blog so I can comment on things once in a while. I'm not used to movable type yet either, but I plan on eventually putting up most of the old content back up, and maybe even putting some new stuff up.





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